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guided relaxation

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guided relaxation

20 minute   £10 introductory offer    (£20 normal price)

Do you struggle to relax? Do you feel like you’ve got a busy mind?  Are you struggling to sleep? Or feel uptight and anxious? 

Then this is the treatment for you. 

In our softly lit room, you’ll experience your own personal pause in your day, a time to recharge and forget the things the world has said to be done. 

All while, being cocooned on a heated bed with one of our Spirit of Wellness aromatherapy eye pillows and a cosy blanket. 

During our 20 minute guided relaxation you will experience a trip to a far away place and how to let go and have a moment of peace and tranquility. 

Perfect as a treatment on its own, or added on to one of our beautiful treatments. 

A moment of true relaxation just for you.